Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take Action

Week of September 25th - October 1st

*Make a batch of holiday goodies and freeze them

*Make one freezer meal

*Buy at least one more gift- wrap it, label it, check it off your list, and put it in your "gift closet"

*Work on any homeade gifts or crafts

*Clean out old/outgrown toys from your kid's bedrooms and/or playroom- prepare them to donate or sell

*Make a list of toys/books your kids would like that will fit in their rooms and go with other toys they already have- I have yet to do this because one side of our family is not big on gift suggestions and the other side shares my DNA and has already purchased their grandchildren's presents.  But I think it is a brilliant idea!  As a parent, you know what your kids like, what they already have, and what they'll play with.  I would personally welcome a list like this for any child I have to buy for...not to mention a few adults!

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