Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take Action

Week of September 4th- 10th
 *Complete any unfinished lists from last week
  • Gifts to give
  • Christmas card list
  • Travel/Visits
  • Goodies for sharing
  • Menus for Thanksgiving & Christmas (don't forget Christmas Eve and Christmas morning)
  • Favorite meals to freeze
  • Long term shopping list: canned food, perishables per holiday, linens/tableware, decorations.
*Buy extra flour, sugar, and other baking supplies (don't forget plastic containers to store and freeze your goodies)
*Develop ideas for gifts, decor
*Find and designate a space for storing gifts
*Make your first freezer meal

* Order/Purchase Christmas Cards (yes, I said it)- or at least start planning to.  If you send photo cards, dig up that photo or take a new one.  Get this task out of the way a.s.a.p.  You'll be SO glad you did!

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