Monday, September 12, 2011

Take Action

Week of September 12th - 17th

*Make a batch of holiday goodies

*Make one extra meal.  Label it "Holiday Meal" and freeze it.

*Clear out your pantry.  Throw away anything that you haven't and won't use.  Inventory the food you have and plan to use it for upcoming meals.   It's time to stockpile for the holidays and you need some space.   Find 2 boxes that you can label "Holiday Food" and "Food Drive" so the items in them are not used in every day cooking.

*Buy 2 canned food items from your Menu. Be sure to purchase two of each item- one for you and one for the food drive (This is a good rule of thumb as you're shopping throughout the year, as many schools and organizations collect canned foods year round).

*Buy film, camera batteries, blank video tapes.  Store them someplace safe and write yourself a note so you can easily find them when the time comes.

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