Sunday, November 20, 2011

Take Action

Thanksgiving week is here!  Our freezer meals are made and our Christmas goodies are baked.  Now it's time to take advantage of some of  that advance preparation.  Let's get busy!

Week of November 20th - 26th

* Get everything out for Thanksgiving- prepare what can be done ahead of time.

*Finish any last minute shopping- including fresh produce and bakery products

*Wednesday- use a freezer meal.  If you run out to pick up anything let it be a salad to accompany your meal.  Otherwise...avoid the grocery store at all cost!

*Friday or Saturday- Start decorating for Christmas- Pull out your Christmas tree, if you go the artificial route, and set it up.

*Wrap, label, and store any gifts you picked up on Black Friday.

*Deadline Week- if your homemade gifts are not finished, put them away and purchase something else.  This is life.  Be realistic and let yourself off the hook without regrets.  You gave it your best shot.  There's always next year!

*Eat some Thanksgiving leftovers and pop in a Christmas movie!

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