Monday, November 14, 2011

Take Action

In case you've lost track, we are on week 12 of our holiday prep and Christmas Countdown.  Thanksgiving is just over a week a way and Christmas is right on it's heals.  I'm so excited about all of the things we've accomplished already and after this week, we'll be ready to hit the cruise control in some areas.  Let's get started so we can be finished!

Week of November 13th-19th

*Make a batch of holiday goodies- if you've been faithfully making a batch a week, your freezer should be bursting but relax.  This is our last one.  Your holiday baking is about to be done!

*Make one freezer meal- once again, this is your last.  You should now have 10 meals you can pull out of your freezer in a pinch.  Decide which one you will be using next Wednesday.  You do NOT need to be cooking another meal the night before Thanksgiving!

*Buy at least one more gift- the operative phrase is "at least".  If you're like me and look forward to Black Friday sales, you could put this off until next week and knock out several.  If not, get one more checked off your list.  Wrap, label, and store it.

If you're not hosting Thanksgiving, you can stop there!  If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you have a few more things on your plate (pun intended).

*Make place cards

*Be sure all serving pieces are clean

*Borrow any additional pieces

*Check, clean, iron linens.

*Prepare centerpiece

*Make 3X5 card for each serving dish- on it, write what goes in it, when it can be filled, and silverware needed to serve it..  Tape it to the dish.  If you have a place to stack those dishes, put them all together.  Otherwise, you can place them back in the cabinet.  But at least you'll know what to pull out and when.  The other benefit to this is that when your kitchen is buzzing with family and friends who are asking to help, you can direct them to a dish and let them do the rest!

*Finalize your Thanksgiving menu & shoppping list- start shopping now before the crowds get out of control and inventory is sparse.  Next week, you can pick  up your bakery goods and fresh produce

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