Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take Action

Week of November 6th - 12th

Make a batch of holiday goodies- if you haven't noticed already, it's not necessary to double your batches unless you plan on having  more goodies than you'll know what to do with.  If you feel you already have more than enough, feel free to skip this step.  Only one more week of goodies to make after this and then your holiday baking will be done!

Make a freezer meal- regardless of whether or not you think you have too many, make another.  Remember that there will be holiday gatherings and company lingering after Christmas too.  New Years often sneaks up.  Save a meal for New Years Eve or New Years Day when you don't want to have to cook.  Also, only one more week of this.  You'll  be all done before the biggest cooking day of the year- Thanksgiving!

Buy at least 1 gift- at this point I recommend buying as many as you can afford.  The more you purchase now the less you have to think about later.

Wrap and label your packages

Finish up any crafts or homemade gifts

Review and revise your Thanksgiving menu & update your shopping list-  Or, if you haven't created one yet...make your shopping list!  Many Thanksgiving food products will go on sale this week and next (if they aren't already).  Having your list ready means you can pick them up while taking advantage of sale prices.

Plan your table setting and/or centerpiece- borrow any items that you may need, if possible.
Purchase, clean, or iron your holiday clothing

Get your family schedlued for flu vaccines- if you typically vaccinate against the flu each year, do it now.  Don't let that tiny detail get overlooked in the midst of your major holiday planning.  My family learned the hard way last year and ended up sick from the second week of November straight through New Years.  Learn from our mistake!  If you only accomplish one thing this week, let that be it.

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