Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take Action

October 2nd -8th

*Put up your Halloween decorations- if you haven't yet, but are planning to

*Make a batch of holiday goodies- these don't have to be Christmas related, either.  If you have a special Halloween/Fall treat you like to make that you can freeze.  Knock them out now!  Otherwise, cross another Christmas recipe off your list.

*Make one freezer meal- this week it's Sicilian casserole for me.  I posted the recipe several posts ago, but if you're running out of ideas and need something new, I highly recommend this one.  It's delish!

*Buy 2 canned food items- one to save, one to give

*Buy at least one gift- wrap, label, and store it with your others.  You should notice you are making considerable progress with your shopping at this point, even if you've only been purchasing one gift at a time.

*Work on any homemade crafts or gifts- again, these don't have to be strictly Christmas related.  There are two holidays coming first.  Finish whatever you've been working. Although, I don't recommend starting anything new unless it's easy and you can finish it quickly.

*Finish any other items that you may not have completed- I am still working on cleaning out our toys.  That is first on my list to finish this week!

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