Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Books, Books, and More Books

Some of the best things about the holidays are the books and movies you can find about the season.  I have spent years collecting my favorite Christmas DVDs and love sharing them with my kids each year.  But, as a former educator, it's the books about Christmas that I cherish.  Last December, a dear friend shared one of her holiday traditions with me and graciously allowed me to adopt it. 

I have spent the last year collecting various Christmas books so that I could have 24 altogether- one for each night of December, leading right up to Christmas Eve.

Today, during my alone time, I dug up all of the books, placed them in a fairly random order,  and proceeded to wrap them.  It was a 3 hour project, that I'm sure glad to have under my belt.  And I know, come December 1st they will be ready to go!

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