Friday, September 7, 2012

What A Day!

It feels so good to get things done!  Can I get an, "Amen"?  Just wanted to share my success story in hopes that it will encourage and spur you on.

I headed out to Target yesterday, my home away from home, for none other than toilet paper (why do we go through so much toilet paper?  Sorry. Back to the story...) and happened to run into a friend who informed me that the dollar spot was having a 50% off sale.  Thank you, Summer! I don't know about you, but I have a serious weakness for Target's dollar spot.  A SERIOUS weakness.  An "I see a 12 step program in my future" kind of a weakness.  So, to hear that most of the section was on sale was more than my sad self could control.  I soon found myself throwing all things kid-friendly into my basket.  Bubbles, glow sticks (which are a blast in the tub with the bathroom light off, by the way), stickers, the list goes on and on.  Let's just put it this way, throw in the crayons I got a few weeks ago for $0.25 a box, and I filled three rather large Christmas stockings for $10.  I went home, filled in my Stocking Stuffer list, threw everything in a box and no longer have to think about stockings until I fill them Christmas Eve.  Check!

While, I was there, I also happened upon some gift bags on clearance.  A pack of three for $0.98.  Of course, I grabbed two.  But with a little ribbon, these will be great for wrapping gifts to send with my kiddos to school.

My bonus for the day was a $40 item that was on clearance for $8.98.  One more Christmas gift taken care of, for a smokin' deal!

These are the benefits of thinking about Christmas early!  Keep your eyes out for sales and clearance and share your success stories!

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