Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 5

September 23rd-29th

It's official! There are less than 100 days until Christmas. In fact on Tuesday, we will be exactly three months from the big day. Feels like June was just yesterday, doesn't it? You know as well as I do that the next three months will go by even faster than the last three. Doesn't it feel good to know that you've gotten some things out of the way? It should, regardless of how many or how few. Keep up the great work!

Our "to do" list should be looking pretty familiar.  Here it is for the week:

Make a batch of holiday goodies

Make one extra meal for the freezer

Buy 2 canned food items- one to keep, one to give.

Buy at least one Christmas gift. Remember that you don't even have to leave the house to do this. Check your favorite online retailer. Many are still clearing out inventory at significantly reduced prices because the Fall inventory has arrived. Order one and your done! Or better yet, order a couple, save on shipping, and cross a few people off your list.

Wrap and label your packages

Work on any homemade gifts

Plan for and purchase Halloween costumes if you haven't already. Beg, borrow, or steal them. It's not necessary to spend a fortune. Your children will wear them for a few hours to collect candy. You're not shopping for their wedding attire. Check your local thrift stores and ebay for deals on gently used costumes or call your friends and see if they want to swap.

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