Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 6

I am so very jealous as I see friends and family posting pictures of beautiful Fall days and brightly colored leaves.  I love Fall and mourn every year that we don't get to experience one here.  So, as I light my mulled cider candle and stare out at palm trees waving by the pool, I bring you week #6.

Week of October 5th - 11th

  • Make a batch of holiday goodies

  • Make a freezer meal

  • Buy 2 canned food items (if necessary)- You should have quite the collection growing.

  • Buy at least 1 or 2 Christmas gifts

  • Wrap and label your packages

  • Work on homemade gifts

  • Sort out your kid's clothes/toys to donate or sell at a garage sale.

  • Make a list of toys/books that your kids would like and that fit in their rooms- I always get a little push back about this item but I feel it's one of the most helpful.  You know what your kids will play with and what you have room to store.  While it is incredibly generous of your great-Aunt Jennie to want to buy your children a trampoline, is it really something that will be useful?  To you have the space for it without having to do a complete home makeover?  Try to approach it from the standpoint of, "Here are a few ideas if you're stuck on what to get the kids.  We are a little limited on space and these are things they love and have been asking for."  Rather than, "Here is the list of permissible items for you to buy my children.  All other gifts are unacceptable."  Remember, these are gifts.  Graciously accept whatever your great-Aunt Jennie gives them.  But hopefully, this will keep you from having to sell her gift on Craigslist as soon as she leaves town.

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