Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 13

November 18th-24th

Thanksgiving week is here!  We've prepped, shopped, cooked, baked, and now we're ready for the holiday ahead.  No doubt there is much to do in preparation for Thanksgiving day.  Don't save it all for Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  Let's use the next few days to make the holiday enjoyable, not just for your guests, but for yourself.

Get everything out for Thanksgiving- table linens, centerpiece items, etc.

Prepare what can be ahead of time.  Even chopping some onions ahead of time can help your meal preparation go faster.  Consider trying these make ahead mashed potatoes to help cut down on your food preparation on Thursday. Also, be realistic, is it necessary to bake cornbread from scratch for your dressing?  While your grandmother might notice, your other guests probably will not. :-)

Check your ingredients and jot down anything you are missing.  Don't forget to consider breakfast Thanksgiving day and the day after.  Make sure you've got some cereal or frozen waffles on hand to make it easier on you. Try to avoid shopping Wednesday evening at all cost!

Clean & stock your bathrooms and first aid kit- especially if you've got kids coming over.  It's always handy to have extra band aids on hand if the little ones will be running around.

Wednesday- Use a freezer meal, buy a bagged salad at the store

Deadline week- if your homemade gifts/crafts are not finished, put them away until next year and plan on purchasing gifts.  Let yourself off the hook and be realistic.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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