Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 12

November 11th-17th

We are coming into the home stretch.  With only 11 short days until Thanksgiving, we will soon find ourselves tying up those loose ends and seeing the payoff for all of our hard work.  Let's finish strong!

Make a batch of holiday goodies- This will be the last one.  If there's a special holiday treat you haven't made, but have been wanting to, this is your chance to do it.  After this week, your holiday baking will be complete!

Make 1 freezer meal- This will also be your final freezer meal.  Make a note on your calendar to use one of your freezer meals next Wednesday.

But at least one gift- Next Friday launches the official holiday shopping season. Purchase as many gifts as you can this week to beat the crowds.

Wrap and label gifts

Finish any home made crafts or gifts

Make place cards for Thanksgiving

Clean all serving dishes

Check and clean linens

Work on centerpiece if necessary

Make a 3x5 card for each dish- what goes in it, when it can be filled, & silverware needed.  Tape them to the appropriate dish. This is especially helpful if you will have extra hands in your kitchen.  It's difficult to finish last minute meal preparations with countless questions from guests willing to help but unsure of what to do.  This one step will make delegating much easier!

Finalize your Thankgiving shopping list- don't just work off your recipes.  Remember to add things like coffee creamer, butter, and other "extras".  Also, plan ahead for your Thanksgiving breakfast.  Buy some bagels or muffins to make your morning simple.

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