Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 10

October 28th - November 3rd

Happy Halloween!  This week we enjoy the first of our holiday celebrations.  And enjoy it we will!  But, in the midst of our trick-or-treating, let's find time to maintain our progress.  November is a few short days away.

Make a batch of holiday goodies

Make one freezer meal

Buy at least one gift

Wrap and label packages

Work on holiday crafts/gifts

Polish any silver- include candle holders.  Clean glassware.  Inspect napkins, place mats, and/or tablecloths.  Launder or take them to the cleaners. 

Purchase any last minute linens

Remove Halloween decor- after Wednesday, of course!

Put up Thanksgiving decor

Do not shampoo carpet- While it is natural to want to clean your carpet prior to welcoming guests, remember that over the next few weeks there will be added foot traffic in your home, and most likely a spill or two.  Consider spot cleaning obvious stains and have the carpet shampooed when the holidays are over.

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