Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas In July

I woke up this morning with a slight Christmas in July hangover and a mild sadness that the weekend is already over.

Friday night was a blast!  My mom and I plopped ourselves on the couch at 9 pm, ate our fill (and some other people's) of our favorite Christmas snack and our family's traditional Christmas butter cookies, and loaded up on coffee to make it through the kick off of Christmas in July. Somehow we managed to power through until 3:45 before Mom seized the opportunity to turn in.  I braved another hour to catch one of my favorite artisans, Jim Shore, before falling asleep. 

I am using the term "sleep" loosely here as I only managed to drift off a few times only to be awaken by various noises and clocks ringing throughout the house (note to self:  next year, bring ear plugs and do not attempt to sleep on the couch).  It's been over 9 years since I've lived in my parent's house and apparently by body is no longer able to ignore these lovely sounds in the middle of the night.  I woke up at 6:00 am and immediately headed to the grocery store to pick up breakfast for my birthday boy.  I entered the house just before 7:00 am and was greeted by three grinning kiddos asking for donuts.

I did my best to catch as much of the programming on Saturday as I could, in between cleaning and decorating for my oldest's birthday and completely rearranging his room.  Because of the busyness of the day, my afternoon nap was shortened to about 35 minutes. Not at all what I had envisioned!  Somehow, by the grace of God,  I managed to host a party, during which I maintained the ability to engage in comprehensible conversation, and finally fell into bed after 9:00 pm. 

Sunday brought more preparations for our own Santa's birthday celebration (coming up this week) and the opportunity to catch some more Christmas in July programming while I worked from home for a bit.

Despite the fact that the weekend was busy,  I'm sure I gained 15 lbs, and I could probably sleep until Thursday...It was totally worth it! Oh the fun things that will be arriving at my house this week!

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