Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 15 Joy To the World

December 2nd-8th

I hope you have enjoyed the ease of your holidays and are truly seeing the benefits of starting your preparation so early.  See, you're not as crazy as some people wanted you to think you are.  The rest of our weeks are mainly focused on maintenance.  I wish I could say there would be no more cooking, baking, shopping, or cleaning to do, but we all live in the real world.  As you engage in all of those things, I hope you are doing so without the overwhelming feeling of stress that normally accompanies them this time of year.  If you are, then your planning has been a success!  Take a few hours and go get a mani/pedi.  You deserve it!

This week, all you have to do is...

Mail your packages and the rest of your cards, which are all packed, addressed, and ready to go.  This is a great time to ship them online through the U.S. Post Office . You can pay for and print your labels at home and avoid the long lines.  Even better, as long as you ship at least one package Priority Mail, you can shedule a pick up and ALL of your packages will be collected from your front door.

Wrap and label any other gifts

Prepare teacher/school gifts.  You will be thrilled when you don't have to rush to wrap them all the night before they need to be delivered.

Enjoy your week!

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