Sunday, December 4, 2011

Take Action- Finish Up!

It's the first full week of December and we are about to finish our Christmas preparations.  Yes, I said, "Finish!"

Granted, I'm sure there are some last minute details you will still need to finish up.  I've never had a year go by when there wasn't a gift or two I needed in a pinch or wasn't wrapping at least a couple presents up to the last minute.

Here are your goals for this week:

Week of December 4th - December 10th

*Mail your packages and cards

*Finish purchasing your gifts

*Wrap and label any remaining gifts

*Pepare teacher/school and work gifts

As your calendar fills with parties, events, and family functions, you can be proud of all you accomplished over the last several weeks.  You've worked hard ( and probably dealt with your fair share of ridicule) and now it all pays off.  Enjoy the season!

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